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6 Tips for Being a Great Single Parent

Posted by Sunshine, Isaacson & Hecht LLP on January 20th, 2021

Being a parent is not easy – especially when you are a single parent – especially when you did not used to be a single parent. Adjusting to being the only one taking (at least primary) care of your children can be a difficult thing. However, it is wonderful! Being a single parent is something to take pride in and find joy with, not to feel ashamed of. All parents know how difficult the child-raising process is and are blown away by those who do it alone.

Especially in the winter months, being a single parent can take some work. Here are our 6 tips for being the best single parent you can be:

Keep up with a budget. Set it up and keep it up! Making a budget is one of the best things any parent can do. Having a clear picture of all of your expenses and income allows you to set budget levels for things like entertainment and ordering food, which you can easily track over the course of the month. There are lots of helpful apps you can now integrate into this process instead of cracking open Excel spreadsheets!

Set routines in motion. Establishing a sense of normalcy is great for you and your children. Set up some healthy habits and make sure they keep happening every day. Waking up and going to bed at a usual time improves productivity and attitude, both of which allow you to do more in a day. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or Movie Night, setting up routines is wonderful.

Don’t say yes every single time. Just because your child asks for it does not mean they need it. Your child will love you whether or not you buy them that toy, no matter what it may feel like in the moment. You don’t get everything you want every single time – and you’re doing pretty well – so they can get used to it too!

Find a support system. Being a single parent does not have to mean doing everything by yourself. Find a support system around you, whether it is composed of trusted friends, community members, or fellow single parents. Look at options for carpooling and after school care. Research any groups of single parents in your area – there are different ones that meet in every city in the nation. You don’t have to find a group that is already perfect – you can create or improve one!

Use tax breaks and financial resources. There are financial resources available to single parents that are not in place for couples. Research the tax breaks and funds that you can take advantage of to help your single parent budget.

Make time for yourself. It’s not all about your child. You need to make time for yourself too, even if it’s just taking a bath or keeping up with a show after you put them to bed. Consider finding a babysitter once a month to take yourself out for a date. Find some times, even if they may be few and far between, to put yourself first.

Being a single parent can be difficult, but it is rewarding. For any help with family law or dealing with life as a single parent, contact Sunshine, Isaacson & Hecht, LLC today! We can help fight for you and get you the support you deserve.

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