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4 Ways To Help Children Adjust To Living in Two Homes

Posted by Sunshine, Isaacson & Hecht LLP on February 19th, 2022

Divorce can be a difficult adjustment for everyone involved. For children, the hardest part may not even be having separate parents or having to go to court. The hardest part may be living in two different homes. It can be very difficult for a child to adjust to a new living environment, especially when one parent still lives in the same place they consider home.

As you move into a new chapter of your life, making sure that your children are comfortable with their living situation is one of the top priorities. Here are 4 ways to help children adjust to living across two households:

Keep the Essentials

If your children brushing their teeth is dependent on them remembering to bring their toothbrush back and forth between two homes, your dentist bill is about to go up. Make sure that you have essential supplies, including clothes, available at both houses. The children can bring things like their backpack and even pillow back and forth between the two, but the essentials should be at both.

Maintain a Consistent Schedule

You should work with your co-parent to make sure that all major lifestyle decisions for your children are consistent across both households. Things such as sleep schedules, diet, and entertainment habits should be the same no matter which house the children are at. Smaller things will help differentiate the experiences, but their general lives should be the same at both homes.

Ask Them What They Want

Children are much smarter than they are given credit for. Your children probably are keenly aware of the differences between the two homes they live in, and have their own thoughts about what they would like to see in both. Make sure to check in with them and listen to what they have to say. It’s their home too, after all

Don’t Try To Impress Them

You don’t need to have “the cool house.” You don’t need to let your children do things they can’t at their other home in order to get them to like you more. Just have a loving and open household where they feel comfortable. That’s what is most important.

Get the Help That You Need

At Sunshine Isaacson & Hecht, LLP, we know that family is the most important thing. As you move forward with your life, making sure that your children are comfortable and happy splitting their time across two different households is very important. For help with all of your divorce needs, contact Sunshine Isaacson & Hecht, LLP today! We have the knowledge and experience that breeds success.

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