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Divorce and Family Law

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Our attorneys are experienced in handling matrimonial issues such as prenuptial agreements, uncontested divorces, child support, child custody, visitation, spousal maintenance, and other complex issues. Additionally, our firm handles matrimonial mediations, utilizing trained and certified mediators to help our clients reach an agreement quickly and amicably.

Anyone going through a divorce knows that the circumstances come with a multitude of conflicting emotions. Our attorneys understand those emotions and have a proactive approach to help our clients through the divorce process. We inform our clients of the relevant law as it pertains to their case and help them prioritize their goals. Our goal is to listen to our clients and understand what they want to achieve and how to get that result.

Our firm hopes to resolve every case, even the contested divorces, quickly and amicably. However, in the event that a case cannot be quickly resolved, our firm is experienced and prepared to zealously and passionately advocate in court.

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